Baby whispering tools

Its no secret that I am crazy, upside down, mad, super , nuts in love with photographing Babies!

When I fall in love with a product, I must share!

I recently had the opportunity to photograph 3 new products for baby photography that are the Bee’s Knees!!

I know we have all seen the latest trend of photographing newborns on textured fancy or flowered style cloth drops.

I have found a series of these *baby Drops* called Posh Cloth that are being sold through the well known photography supply company Backdrop outlet. While similar to many other styles available these ones seem to have a few additional things going for them.

1 – Most of the textured flowered baby drops available are from private crafters and sellers.. And while most of us Love a good craft site, when placing a larger order sometimes there is a sense of security ordering through a well known company rather than a private individual. (im not knocking private sellers, I really do Love them, but my studio budget is limited and to keep it sucessful I need to make sure I know where my money is going)

2 – Most of the above mentioned drops being sold are being sold as 2 yard pieces of cloth. Thats Not always big enough for what I want.  Backdrop outlet is selling these in 5′ * 9′ sizes which make them so much more useful in my studio. Now I can lay a baby on a drop, do the session, and turn around and hang the same drop and have it be Plenty large enough for Full lenth senior standing portraits.

3- Besides just being larger, these come finished off with a rod pocket on the top for hanging on a backdrop stand/ cross bar. I Love this feature! What a simple but great addition. To me this feels more like a finished professional drop than just using a cut of fabric.

* I also need to mention that while these cloths appeared stiff to me looking at online images, they are not stiff At All.. They are super soft and flexable. They Drape Perfectly around my Bella Bun baby poser! Because of the beautiful texture wrinkles or draping oopsies dont stand out as an eye sore in the final images. I would Love to have these in multiple colors and styles in the near future!

Now that I’ve shared my thoughts, let me share some images!

Here you see the Blue Large Rose cloth, the Peach Flat Rose cloth and the Gold Crinkle cloth…. All can be found at this link.. P.S. did I mention they are On Sale right now!

AND You can enter to win one of these beautiful Cloths Or a Bella Bun, or other great products at this link

And for more Fun Baby shots visit me on facebook at


About Amanda Rachael

I am a Mom to 5 children, Wife of Jed, Child of God, Photographer, and Prop designer
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