2 years where Have you gone???

I just logged in here to see when my last post was and realized it was feb 2012!!! Holy Wow! Its nearly 2015! What happened to the last 2 + years?

Answer… What Hasn’t happened?? Its been crazy busy in Logio Land. Definitely Time to do some hyper drive catch up blogging!

In October 2012 Jed ( thats my hubby)  got a job that we just couldn’t refuse in San Antonio TX.       T E X A S !!!     The Last place I ever thought I would live. Holy cow talk about a tiny fish in a big pond! Going from a  town of 4000+/- population to a City of 1.4 + Million!


SO we packed up our earthly possessions …

blog6 blog8

We said goodbye to the home we had designed with our own hands, the home we had raised our babies in for the last 7 years…




And I said goodbye to my perfect little studio space that had taken my business from a part time position to a full time job that I loved…




and we Loaded into the camper which would be our home for the next 3 months….


We stopped in to see family in CT and spent some time with the kids Great Grandparents.

When this photo was taken we had no idea this would be our last photo with Jed’s grandfather.


I think this is why I have such a bond with photography, you never know when a photo with a

loved one might turn into your last photo with your loved one, photography has the ability to freeze

time and save memories.

We also stopped in my favorite place- Tybee Island, and then surprised the kids with a trip to Disney…




From florida we made a mad dash to Texas hoping to arrive in time to have a few days to get used to the city before Jed’s start date….

And so began our lives as Texans…


About Amanda Rachael

I am a Mom to 5 children, Wife of Jed, Child of God, Photographer, and Prop designer
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