Relax, kickback, laugh and have fun, and please don’t say cheese! I’m not interested in convincing you to smile or a perfectly posed stature, I’m interested in capturing the real you. When your relaxed and enjoying your session you will naturally look happy , and that’s when I start clicking.
My name is Amanda and I’ve been passionate about photography for 15 years.
Together with my husband Jed I spend my days running Amanda Rachael photography, Bella Bun Photo Props, and raise our 5 beautiful children in central Maine.



3 Responses to Aboutme

  1. Paul Goguen says:

    I notice that you have alot of photos of teens and young people. Any photos of seniors? I am 72 year old male and I am thinking about a portrait photo for all of my kids and grandchildren to have. Do you have any samples of seniors?

  2. Carol Luce Emery says:

    Is the deal you had with the Maine Deal still on?

  3. Christiana Cazares says:

    Im thrilled by your work. I would love to know prices and packages. also how far from indio are you. Also if u have all the props beanies, etc.

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